Fat Cat Administrators vs. Starving Adjuncts

Comparative salaries at SFAI:
(Please note that these numbers are culled from several sources. Inquire in the Comments section for citations.)

President Charles Desmerais: Roughly $250,000/year (he has admitted that he makes less than the previous 2 presidents, and he is “okay with that”)

Chief Operating Officer Espi Sanjana: Roughly $285,000/year (Sanjana has previously served as CFO for two for-profit art and technical training colleges, Ex’Pression College for Digital Arts and Academy of Art University)

SFAI Visitng Faculty: As of last year, base salary is capped at $22,000/year, or four classes at a rate of $5500 each


2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Laura Fantone says:

    During a recent meeting with Charles Demarais, an interesting pie-chart was shared, among many less interesting powerpoint slides.
    The key daya in the chart shows that the salaries of 160 adjuncts amount to 7% of the total school budget. (as much as the salaries of the 23 full time faculty combined)

    This data, with the recent policy changes implemented that cap classes for visitors to four per year, per person, translate into a minimum of $4,000 to a max of 22-/25,000 per year.

    Needless to say, no artist or visiting faculty can even pay rent in the Bay Area with that much!!!!

    • Thanks for this information, Laura. It reveals some of the reasons why admin is encouraging everyone to choose not to unionize and vote “no” to SEIU– that part of the budget never has to get any bigger as long as we’re not organized. Did anyone ask *where* Charles got that data that appeared in the pie chart?

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